TRAINING UPDATE:  2014-2015 Training Season 

As we enter into the 2014 hunt season, we will continue to work dogs through the fall / winter. We currently have a couple of spots available for November - December for the dogs that arent ready fo the season.

This year I came to a crossroads,it was either reduce the number of training dogs or look to find someone to help me. It has been a difficult time for me deciding what to do. After some thought I have decided to bring on someone partime and hopefully move him to full time in the summer months when the training season is in full swing. In 2014 we brought in just 4 dog per session, in 2015 we will move that to 6 dogs per session still a very small number compared to other training facillities.

The dogs will be worked twice daily Mornings and Afternoons, they are  allowed out several times during the day for additional exercise.

We will in 2015 will bring in dogs for a 30 day or 60 day program, We encouage as much owner participation as possible after the first week. We have no secrets in our training program, and have found that the more the owner can particiapte the better!

Cost for the 2015 training season will be $800.00 monthly.

We have a very active facebook page that we post pictures and videos of your dogs progress throughout the whole process.

Contact us for more information.

Training Page last updated: January 15, 2015
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2015 Training Season
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